Each candidate producer should chose through specific criteria in order to decide the type of plant, the variety and the subject.
The selection criteria are:
The weather conditions of each region: 1) Maximum and minimum temperature. 2) Relative humidity. 3) Wind speed. 4) Percentage of rainfall.
Depending on growing area, we choose the variety of planting. There are early and late production areas.
Soil composition (it is essential to subject choice), the soil test is necessary. Knowing the composition of our territory will help in lubrication: 1) PH of the soil. 2) soil porosity. 3) Calcium. 4) Trace elements of the ground.
Marketability of the product. A little market research always help. We recommend new varieties that are more productive and more preferred by the traders.
It is necessary, when we buy a plant to ask for the phytosanitary certification of every variety. This ensures that your plants are clean from diseases.
The buyer should ask for assurance that the plant’s root system is rich and healthy.

Our varieties:

  • Citrus
  • Adamopoulou,Zabetaki,
    Spinoso,Clementine SRA-63,Clementine B-89,

    Chian (ntopiaArtas),Navelina, Salustiana,
    Newhall, Lane Late, Navel Late,
    Valencia, Dolco, Sanguine,
    Moro, Red, Yellow,
    Mexico, Sweetlemon, kumquat

  • Olives
  • Chontroelia
    Arta – Arta Konservolia, Kalamata, Megara,
    Koroneiki, Armpekina, Halkidiki,

  • Miscellaneous
  • Hayward, Zabeliou,