Nurseries Vitsios -VLACHERNAS, is located in the village Vlacherna beside the River Arachthos and one kilometer far from Arta.
Nurseries Vitsios –Vlachernas, founded in 1914 by our grandfather Efstratios Vitsios, who produced olive and citrus trees. Today continues with the third generation, grandson Efstratios Vitsios, who is head of production.
The activity of our business expanded in production of saplings such as kiwi, stone fruits and ornamental plants.

Who we are

The company employs 18 people with full-time contract and 35 people as seasonal staff.
The Company’s advantage? Our scientific team, staffed by the Agriculturist Vitsiou Maria, the Forester Vitsiou Nikoleta and Economist Manopoulos Gregory. Our Company collaborates with University professors of the School of Forestry & Natural Environment, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the School of Agricultural Technology, TEI of Epirus, aiming high level of quality services & products provided to client.
In our unit are produced 700.000 plants per year, which 500.000 of them are citrus, 80.000 are kiwi, 70.000 are olive trees and 50.000 are ornamental plants.

The primary and basic scope of Vitsios Nursery

The primary and basic scope of Vitsios Nursery, is to produce healthy propagating materials with high standards, in order to guarantee the best possible result for our clients.
Core values ​​of our Company is high quality of products and services, professional responsibility, friendly service before, during and after sale, immediacy and speed in delivery goods, consulting services from experienced executives and respect to the environment.
With this philosophy, Vitsios Nurseries is a modern commercial and productive unit, able to supply plants across Greece and other countries abroad.


The company is located on private land of a 40,000 m2 total area.
The nursery includes greenhouse cover by glass of 4.5 acres and 16.5 acres cover by plastic. Also there are 3 buildings with a total surface of 550 m2 that used as storage space, offices and staff area.
We have developed excellent infrastructures in order to ensure the production of high quality products.
• Automatic Electronic Environmental Greenhouse control
• Fully automated irrigation
• Automated electronically adjustable lubrication
• windproof protection
• Shading Systems
• Extensive shoring plant facilities
• Drainage network
• Excellent landscaped access roads